Ground rules and day one

I think i'll start this out with some ground rules/guidelines for what i'll be posting. I really see this as an idea "bank" where I can throw all the ideas I get for everything and have it up so I can remind myself and then work off of them. I really love hearing fantastic and even practical ideas from others I meet and see at lectures. And...since I have a really terrible memory, putting it somewhere semi-permanent is great to look back on. Then some rants/raves/pictures/stories/reviews, you get it. Okay, here I go...

*Give someone an anonymous Valentine
*Put out a Missed Connection on Craigslist and wait for a response
*Recreate an artist's lesser known work
*Put positive statements in a basket and leave out for others to take
*Drop a thank-you card under someone's door
*Develop/implement ways to go "greener", like reusing notebook paper and making my own notepads (its really awesome and I've made 4 big stacks already)
*Raise my hand in class and start a discussion
*Review music and share my passion with others.
*Put up an empty list on a wall (with just a header) and see what it gets filled with.

  • - I'm not an idiot, so I don't like feeling like one.
  • -I really don't mean to seem like a bitch if I don't really hang out with you. I just have a lot of shit to do, and watching tv isn't helping me out. Plus, I really need to get an A in art history...yikes.
  • -It hasn't snowed yet.
  • -I've started working out at the gym, and I really really like being active again. It also means I eat more...oy.
  • -Going to artist lectures are really cool, its amazing to see living, working artists doing some pretty awesome shit. Can I be you? kthnx.
  • -Book-buying, music-exploring is SO FUN.
  • -School is looking better, and even less daunting with my research paper and all the other work I have to do. I'm trying to be positive, because I can only make it as good as I make it. ta-dah!
  • I am almost 19. WHAT?! I know, me too.
  • -It hasn't snowed...yet.
My Shameless Picture Plug o' the Day
mmm...just what I need

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