Friday Faves

This week my older sister came to visit, so I've been busy shopping and eating! I found some inspiration at a DWR studio in downtown, and mid-century modern is whats on the menu for today. Enjoy!

Also, Christine at Akane Designs is holding a contest between four photographers-I'm one of them! Please vote for my photo, "Marketplace Flowers" as your favorite and you could win a print! Vote here.


Spring has Sprung

Ah, you know its springtime in Portland when cherry blossoms are blooming, and the farmer's market is back in all its glory! Today I visited the first farmer's market of the season (I have been waiting forever for it! I love the people watching, smells, and buying lovely little things to eat and enjoy), where I spotted Colin Meloy (lead singer of the Decemberists-one of my favorite bands!) and his girlfriend Carson Ellis (who just so happens to be my FAVORITE illustrator). Gah. pretty much my two favorite people, looking cute with their baby at the market. I took some pictures and am going to get more when the cherry blossoms are in full swing! What a great day so far!


Friday Faves

Going along with my Design*Sponge addiction, I thought I'd share with everyone some of my favorite homes in Grace's Sneak Peek sections! So many of the artists/designers who allow their homes to be put up on her page are truly inspiring, beautiful and make me yearn for a swanky loft, big country home, or humble house of my own to fill with anything and everything. So....here we go!


New Shop look!

Yay, since its almost spring i decided to re-do my banner up on Etsy. Its now that gorgeous mint green. A lot more uplifting than the dark grey I had during Winter. I'm also having a spring sale! All 8x10 photos are 20% off, with photos including flowers an additional $1 off. Happy spring time!

Visit my shop!


Flowery Tuesday..?

Instead of picking an Etsy artist for this week's Etsy Tuesday, I thought I'd share with you a fantastic new column on the Design*Sponge website. Sarah Ryhanen is the new contributer to D*S with Weeder's Digest. Sarah is one half of Brooklyn flower and soap shop Saipua. She creates unusual but incredibly gorgeous floral arrangements and shares her knowledge on the D*S site. Her work is english countryside meets old attic. Does that make sense? Anyway, you can find her at D*S here, and visit her website (with MORE amazing arrangements) here.

(click the picture for larger version!)


Friday Faves

This weeks friday favorites are my favorite artists and designers from Portland, Oregon! There are so many talented people in this city and on Etsy, its hard not to share! I feel that Portland art has a distinctive style. Its a little rainy weather, indie cool and quirky all in one. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

first row: holly stalder, ashleyg, sarahseven
second row: yellena, betsy walton, littleputbooks
third row:
makool, michelleramin, mishaashton


Loving It!!

Somehow I've become a little obsessed with hair pieces and flowers, particularly for weddings. I saw some gorgeous photos at Brooklyn Bride and then headed on over to Etsy to find more. I am loving these too much!


Etsy Tuesday: Ashley G

When trying to find an artist to showcase for today, I reminded myself that I still hadn't shown Portland's own Ashley G! Her artwork is super funky, super cute and I'm in love with her little porcelain miniatures. She is a huge celeb in the Etsy world-its great seeing her prints up close and personal in unexpected places around Portland. You can find her lovely prints here and visit her blog here.


Its another snowy and rainy day in Portland...and its almost the middle of March! I wish I was seeing little flower buds popping up instead of getting covered in snowflakes. Oh well...soon enough.

photo from beautifuldarklight


Friday Faves

This week I was inspired by all things ceramic and porcelain. I love the daintyness of these pieces, especially that gorgeous little cupcake stand! How adorable would that be in your kitchen?

Have a great weekend, and thanks to paper wren for nominating my blog for a Lemonade Award!my nominations:

Tryst-amazing jewelry pieces-one of my favorites on etsy!
pacific wedding guide-my sisters great blog about wedding planning in hawaii and new zealand
Skinny LaMinx- a fabulous fabric designer from South Africa.
Ashley G-amazing artist from Portland, Oregon.
The Paper Apartment-fantastic artist on Etsy who creates beautifully feminine things.
Ink+Wit-amaaazing letterpressed goodies!
Nesta-really cool printed home decor.
brooklyn bride-love looking at the pictures of real weddings
La Tartine Gourmande-the most gorgeous and delicious recipes and photos
Book by its Cover-artist Julia Rothman's blog about books

Rules for the award:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate 10 blogs that show attitude and/or gratitude.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they have received this award by commenting on a post.
5. Nominate your favorites and link to this blog.


Loving it

Im so in love with these prints of crocheted rocks by Resurrection Fern. If only I could crochet, all the rocks in the world would be like that.


Etsy Tuesday: Lorena Barrezueta

This week's tuesday spotlight features Brooklyn, New York artist, Lorena Barrezueta. Lorena uses porcelain to create her own line of handmade dishware and jewelry. Her plates are modeled after tin and plastic take-out containers! She has several different lines; Classic, Lush and Fresh. Her jewelry line features porcelain cameos with the sign language alphabet, and cool bracelets with printed images. You can find Lorena's work at her website, on etsy, and she is a featured artist on Design*Sponge's Design by the Book series.


Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey guys, so yesterday it was me and my twin sister's birthdays! I am officially not a teenager anymore...and its quite nice to be honest. Now I dont have to sheepishly tell a coworker that I can't go out with them because I'm "only 19" when most people think I'm around 22. But alas, I still have one more year of waiting before that magical number 21 is mine. Yesterday was quite exciting, I got money (which I desperately needed! thank you grandma/grandpa/mom/dad!), a sweet crossword book (I love love love crosswords, especially on my work breaks), a book, season four of The Office and a might large gift card to Victoria's Secret (um, guess who got me that one? haha). We ate tons of sushi, cake and sat around laughing just like I wanted to. Not too big, not too little, but just right.

This next week will be super busy as the school term is winding down and I have a million art projects to do and an art show this coming weekend! Ah. It never stops. But thats the beauty of it I guess. I'm going to sit and watch the office today and try to pre-post some stuff up for this week so I'm not lagging like this past one. Til monday!

picture from room 4 dessert