Fashion: Little Black Dress

I love dresses in the fall. You can pair them with leggings and flats and a coat for a perfect outfit. Since tomorrow is Halloween, I thought it'd be fair to find some LBDs that are a little sexy and very cute. Here are a few picks from Urban Outfitters and Forever21. Look for a dress that hugs your curves and has a little extra that sets your LBD apart.


Espresso Martini

I thought this week's drink should be fitting for a Halloween party-a little dark and very delicious. An espresso martini is super easy to make.

1 part espresso to1-2 parts liquor (I would use Kahlua) and a bit of chocolate to make it yummy. Shake it up with ice, strain and enjoy! You could garnish it with a swirl of orange skin to make it even more devilish.

photo via abbyladybug


Etsy Tuesday: Whimsical Treasures

I came across this adorable shop through a gift guide on etsy. Her designs are super simple, but incredibly sweet. The necklaces and earrings are a perfect gift for girls of all ages. You can find more treasures here. Happy Tuesday!


Tough Luxe

I love this season's trend of chunky metal jewelry. A perfect mix of attitude and glitter adds an edge to any outfit.

necklace by Forever21

bracelets by Assad Mounsser


On and Off and Wedding Love

Sorry to be late on posting, but I'm trying to get settled into a new year at school. So much reading! So much to be done! I promise I'll be back with more to share very soon. In the meantime, check out the long-awaited wedding of Design*Sponge blogger, Grace. The beautiful Savannah, wedding is being fawned over the entire blogosphere, check out all the pics at D*S. So many details from amazing artists...it really pays to have friends in the business!

Awesome idea-she printed her wedding invites on vintage handkerchiefs. A lovely keepsake and better than printing on paper!

Little fans with silhouettes of the bride, groom and their cats for the hot Georgia heat.

I think what I love most about their wedding is the gothic southern charm. Twisted iron railings, chandeliers and old mossen trees...could it get any better?

photos via Design*Sponge, taken by belatheé


Fashion: Fall Coats

Fall is here in Portland! The air is crisp and the sounds of college students roaming the halls is back in full swing. This season coats and jackets are back with an edgier feel. Paired with diagonal zippers and fitted silhouettes, these choices are perfect for pairing with a feminine skirt and tights for fall!


Thirsty Thursday: Kahlua!

I love Kahlua, Baileys, anything deliciously creamy and on ice! Today's drink is super simple: Kahlua Coffee Cream on the rocks. Sweet and simple! Enjoy :)

photo via intoxicologist