New Blog!

Hey guys, I just created a new blog. I've been way behind on trying to get tons of posts out on this thing, but it just isnt going to happen. Please join me at my new blog where i'll post (as much as i can) things i love, my photography and anything else i deem worthy. Thanks for stopping by!



Etsy Holiday Sales!

hey everyone, just want to let you know that ALL photos in my etsy shop are on sale for $6-12! Shipping is only 50 cents. This means you can combine prints and spend less than $20-how great is that? I really am working on updating my entire shop but would love my inventory to disappear, so please check it out!


Los Angeles...

Hey everyone, I'm the worst blogger in the world. Basically after I got back from Los Angeles I was swept back up into school. Final exams are next week and I'm trying to finish everything (including that dreaded art history paper that I have yet to start). While I'm away and thinking of new and exciting posts to share, take a look at some photos from L.A. We stayed in Venice Beach, went to Disneyland (everything is so much smaller! guess thats what happens when I haven't been there since I was five), and drove around the crazy L.A freeways. Soon I'll be gathering great gift ideas for my Holiday Gift Guide, but for now this will have to do. Until next time...
My sister Tara of Pacific Bride Guide, and Me, trying to look cool

Venice at sunset

The super tall palm trees...I'm missing the warmth right now!

Check out the rest of the photos here. Have a great day!


Off to Hollywood!

Hey everyone, I'm going to L.A with my sisters tomorrow for a much needed vacation (loan headaches, school, the weather...ugh.). Can't wait to be sitting on the beach and shopping...I'll post up some pics when I get back. Until then...


Fashion: Little Black Dress

I love dresses in the fall. You can pair them with leggings and flats and a coat for a perfect outfit. Since tomorrow is Halloween, I thought it'd be fair to find some LBDs that are a little sexy and very cute. Here are a few picks from Urban Outfitters and Forever21. Look for a dress that hugs your curves and has a little extra that sets your LBD apart.


Espresso Martini

I thought this week's drink should be fitting for a Halloween party-a little dark and very delicious. An espresso martini is super easy to make.

1 part espresso to1-2 parts liquor (I would use Kahlua) and a bit of chocolate to make it yummy. Shake it up with ice, strain and enjoy! You could garnish it with a swirl of orange skin to make it even more devilish.

photo via abbyladybug


Etsy Tuesday: Whimsical Treasures

I came across this adorable shop through a gift guide on etsy. Her designs are super simple, but incredibly sweet. The necklaces and earrings are a perfect gift for girls of all ages. You can find more treasures here. Happy Tuesday!