Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend has recently exploded onto the music scene with their clean beats and appeal to the academic crowd. Hailing from New York, these preppy musicians flew all the way to Hawaii last night to play, and of course I had to catch them. They are amazing live–super clean, high-energy and very cool. Their debut album is such a hit, please check it out and support them! They sound like afro-pop meets Cape Cod breezyness–perfect to play on the beach in the summertime. I'll be going to see them at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, which I expect to be way bigger and better than last night. Their next stops are down under in New Zealand and Australia (yes, they got big FAST!) Click here to visit their webpage.


Earth Friendly: Ecoist

Ecoist is an online design and accessories website that uses recyclable and sustainable materials in their products. Billboards, glass, vinyl records, maps and bike chains are recycled to create Ecoist's line of bags, jewelry and assorted goodies. Check out their site to score some cool recycled swag! Above: Norbit laptop bag.This sturdy portfolio is made from recycled candy wrappers. This makes great storage for magazines, files, etc. Love the industrial silver color to complement any modern office space.

You can choose from a variety of movie posters that create a cool abstract bag. This one is from Shoot 'Em Up. Bags range from wallets to large totes and laptop bags.

Store your makeup in these funky cosmetic clutches made from rice bags without guilt.

Earth Friendly: Envirosax

I can remember seeing my first Envirosax during my second trip to New Zealand and thinking how cool a reusable all-purpose bag could be especially in the fun and funky prints they offered. Now I spot Envirosax all over, which asserts their power in the eco-friendly trend that has (hopefully) swept (clean) the globe. I just wanted to share their awesome totes that can save all those plastic bags used at grocery stores, which REALLY add up quick! They even have an organics line that boasts bamboo, linen and hemp bags, all in summer-worthy shades and prints. Envirosax are also available in themed packs of 5 (store them in the car! you never have to worry about forgetting them again), I personally love the Retro and Mikado (as seen above).

Top: I adore the circle design with the yellow and grays, I would never think of it as a grocery bag!

Bottom: LOVE the organic bamboo bag with the circle design, so dainty and fresh.

Its great to see a company that is leading the pack in our global awareness. Even if you don't use an Envirosax, using a durable, long-lasting bag for groceries and shopping can save plastic and even trips to and from the car (Envirosax bags can carry twice the amount of one normal sized plastic grocery bag), so ask your cashier to save the plastic and load up your bag–even a small difference is a difference!


Clothing Trend: Hyper Color Fabrics

Wait, is it just me or did the 80s just happen to come back in all its quirky glory? First it was leggings (and I'll admit that I rocked the trend, and I may or may not be still rockin' it...), then came those insane rayban style glasses, tunic dresses, metallic spandex leggings ala American Apparel...and now the hypercolor fabric is BACK in full swing. American Apparel has recently debuted its line of the heat-sensitive fabrics, known as Thermochromatic tees. Design label Anzevino and Florence has also hopped on the 80s train to incorporate hypercolor fabrics in their line. In addition to their cute feminine and masculine styles, they have added simple shirts and thin scarves in hypercolor. I'm not a huge fan of this, as I have visions of handprints all over and people walking around breathing into their scarves...yikes. But here it is, the "new" trend of summer 08.

photos courtesy AZFN, LA Times


Store Profile: Paper Source

Paper Source is a company that specializes in fine papers, stationery and stamps from all over the world. They are also opening a new store in Portland! I would LOVE to work there or any of the other amazing stationery and paper stores around the city. Paper Source also strives to be more "green" by transitioning to 30% post-consumer waste to create their envelopes and eventually reaching more products. They are making big steps in finding creative and energy-efficient ways to reuse and recycle their paper products and leftover scraps. Here are some of my favorites from their online store. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

This card is a PS Green Choice recycled thank you card.

I love the intricacy of these envelopes by Vera Wang.

Paper Source also specializes in fine Japanese papers. I love the boldness of this print, the colors and line reflect a certain Picasso meets Toulouse-Lautrec style.


Visual Guide: North Shore Drive

A few days ago my sister and I took a drive out to the North Shore of Oahu and took lots of pictures. We found some really sweet, old Hawaii type buildings. The town of Haleiwa is especially a laid-back, old town. Here are a few places we stopped along the way, enjoy!

Most of the buildings in Haleiwa look like this! So cute.

Aoki's has really great shave ice, so refreshing especially on hot Hawaiian summer days.

This old bank building was turned into a screenprinting shop which I thought was an awesome idea! The building is so unusual and cool.

We stumbled across an old sugar mill site with several buildings that have since been turned into little factories, such as the North Shore Soap Factory. It was inside a huge funnel-shaped building with enormous cogs (gears?) on the outside. Very cool.

This antique store is absolutely filled with kitschy Hawaiian novelties like conch shells, old calendars and aloha shirts.

This used to be an old sugar mill right on the coast, next to Kualoa Ranch.