All Things Ginkgo

When I see ginkgo leaves, it conjures up images of spring and sunny days...so when I popped into Anthropologie today I saw a beautiful gold ginkgo tray that would be perfect for displaying jewelry or votives. So now its hours later and I decided to put up some images of all things ginkgo!

These save the date cards are sophisticated and simply modern. From vreeland design.

Etsy seller Ginkgo makes jewelry thats, guess what? All things ginkgo! Her jewelry is delicate and modern, and perfect for the end of summer and into fall.

This gorgeous ring is from Etsy seller esdesigns.


So I FINALLY found a copy of Lena Corwin's new book, Printing by Hand. I just had to pop into Powell's to see if it might be there, and lo and behold, I found it! I immediately bought it and have started to look through it. Its such a great resource to have if you're into printmaking and DIY projects of all sorts. Her book makes using printing tools easy-I just want to dive right in and start making my own stationery! How cool would it be to get some custom rubber stamps made? Or upholstering a vintage chair with your own printed fabric? Love it. Grab this book if you want a book that makes it easy to start printing your own fabrics, clothing, furniture and original artwork. You can see Lena's products and books here. Happy printing!


Oh how I love the weekend

I finally get to enjoy one weekend free from coffee making and dealing with crazy people! The weather in Portland has finally gone from cool to HOT (were talking 100 degrees. oh. my. god.) and back to cool and gorgeously sunny. This morning started out with a walk around the Farmer's Market, where I picked up two tubs of blueberries and one tub of blackberries (hey, I better stock up before they don't appear til next year!) and a gorgeous loaf of bread from Delphina's Bakery in Northeast Portland. It seems like berries have been all over the food blogs- look at Tastespotting for gorgeous foodie pictures and recipes.

I went to the Pearl to enjoy the sun and walk around. Along with a birthday present for a friend, I picked up a beautiful silver glass flower vase from Anthropologie (along with an application-I want a nerdy retail job so bad!)

And finally, discovered an awesome asian-inspired furniture and novelty gift shop called Cargo. It was like a hidden gem of cuteness! I need to get myself back there ASAP.

Just how cool is that exterior? I thought there was some sort of party going on outside...but thats just how it is! Its a huge warehouse filled to the brim with Asian goodies and antiques.
I have my eye on these bar stools (which come in the pea green and light blue color scheme I have for my new apartment). All in all it was a lovely day outdoors in gorgeous Portland. Til next time :)

pictures courtesy Cargo, Flickr.


Back in Portland!

So I've been back in Portland for a little over a week now, and I'm so glad to come back to my little hippie-cool city. The weather is expected (more like confirmed) that it'll be in the triple digits today! To prepare for my near melt-down, I bought the new issue of Domino and Teen Vogue and will watch reruns of Project Runway to keep me occupied on my day off from work. Today I spotted a link on the MSN homepage about Farmer's Markets, and lo and behold, a little video popped up about the Portland Farmer's Market right next to my apartment in the lovely South Park Blocks! Check out the video here.

The Portland Farmer's Market happens every week in various places around downtown and east Portland and boasts the freshest produce around. Going to the market is an adventure–people love to bring their adorable dogs and babies with baskets ready to fill with amazing food and goodies. I absolutely love taking food pictures here, everything looks so presentable and yummy its hard to not buy anything! I'll always leave with flowers or a jar of fresh berry jam for toast. It's something not to be missed when in Portland. You can find their website and list of seasonal activities here.

Tomorrow's farmer's market will be hot (I'll miss it because of work! drats!) but won't disappoint. So whereever you are, take advantage of your local farmer's and artisans–your support goes directly to their business and not to some huge corporate grocery chain (not that I don't buy things from them!) that only gives back a small amount from purchases to growers. So stay cool and enjoy the rest of the summer!

All pictures taken by me and can be found here.