Guest Post!

Today I have a guest blog post over at my sister's great wedding site, Pacific Wedding Guide. Today I'm posting pictures from amazing artists and craftsmen specializing in weddings at Etsy. Please read it here and tell me what you think!

You can read Tara's blog here and visit her awesome website all about weddings in Hawaii and New Zealand right here. Have a great day!


Etsy Tuesday: reiter8

reiter8 (reiterate) is Katherine Rasmussen who creates bags, wallets and pillows out of old sails. I love her clean design aesthetic and how cool and summery her bags are! The bold numbers would look awesome with any casual outfit. What a great way to remake something practical into something fun! This week definitely has a nautical theme, look out for friday's post about nautical goodies! You can purchase reiter8's products here and visit her website here.


Loving It: DIY Camera Strap

I saw this DIY article on D*S a few days ago and I'm so inspired to make one for my camera! All you gotta do is cut a tiny piece of fabric, stitch it and slide it on and *click* instant style! I do have a lot of IKEA fabric lying around. For the instructions, click here.

Loving It: Shoes

Why hellooo there, lover.

Gretchen Stud Pumps, $32.80 (!!) at Forever21


Loving It: Marc Jacobs

So I have to admit that I'm quite that fan of Marc Jacobs. Hes cute, his clothes are cute (esp. the flats), his bags are to die for (I always get compliments on the tote bag I got from my very fashionable NYC bestie--thanks vicen!) and his fragrances are delicious. Well, as fate would have it, Marc is putting out a new fragrance called Lola (my nickname by some) and I can't wait to get it! Nylon put out an article and described the scent as grapefruit, peony and vanilla. Well sign me up! Sounds like my favorite new fragrance...and check out the awesome bottle! There is a waiting list for it but it will come out at the end of July...cant wait!


Loving It: DIY Wedding

Spotted: A DIY-delightful wedding captured by Martha Stewart Weddings via OnceWed. How gorgeous is that paper butterfly bouquet?

Loving It: the near future

Spotted: these fantastic tea towels from Sydney based thenearfuture on D*S the other day...how cute!!

Loving It: Old Theaters

I found this link through NOTCOT and had to share it. Photographer Julia Solis went to dozens of abandoned theaters and captured them on her website. Its so entirely eerie yet a great reminder of the passage of time. I love the theater thats built into a pool and one where theres vegetation taking over-so great. See the slideshow here


Travel: Oregon Coast

Today and tomorrow I'll be driving out to the lovely Oregon Coast with my fabulous boyfriend to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! I can't believe its been that long already but it been super fun and drama-free (we haven't fought ONCE! hey, if your happy, whats there to fight about right?) So this week's travel post is all about the Oregon Coast.

A huge step away from the clear-blue, tropical and warm waters of Hawaii, the Oregon Coast offers a decidedly different view of the Pacific ocean. I remember going to the coast with a friend when it was windy, rainy and cold-let me just say I wasn't too pleased with it. However, I'm willing to give it another try since it is now summer which means sunny skies and warmth (oh how I missed you!). The coast is a huge stretch-so you can practically go anywhere whereever you live in Oregon.

Were going to stay in Seaside, a cute albeit touristy part of the coast where you can walk the beach and walk the streets where carnival games and salt water taffy stores abound. If thats a little too crowded for your tastes, make your way down to Cannon Beach and witness huge monoliths like the famous Haystack Rock for a photo opportunity. Here are some photos to get you inspired. You can find activities, restaurants and happenings on the coast here, via the Oregon Coast Visitors Association (which has a pretty sweet website!) See you friday!

p.s on your way there, dont forget to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory!

photos via Chesil,


Etsy Tuesday: YAVAglass

YAVAglass creates super awesome upcycled (or is it recycled?) glasses made from soda and beer bottles. I love that you can turn bottles with cool vintage labels, like the Boylan's sodas, and create a beautiful set of glasses you can use in your house! YAVAglass creates their glasses from all sorts of bottles and even coasters! This would be a perfect gift for Father's Day (with his favorite microbrew bottles perhaps?) or a wedding present to an eco-chic couple. You can purchase their products here-happy tuesday!


Friday Faves

Okay, as many of you have noticed I'm currently obsessed with all things weddings. Wedding photography of all kinds, jewelry, dresses, you name it-I love it. Perhaps its because June is wedding month, perhaps its the nice weather, or just maybe its all the AMAZING new blogs and websites i've been finding that have sparked my new obsession. Don't read too deep into this-I'm far, far, far, FAR away from any sort of engagement/wedding/ack I can't think about it. I really just love looking into people's lives and seeing their own stories of love and commitment-and all the goodies that go into making a wedding!

I have found SO many crazy talented jewelry artists on Etsy that can create one of a kind pieces for your big day-I think having someone hand make your unique wedding or engagement ring is so much more personal than picking one out at a big chain jeweler. You can find the style thats perfect for you, especially if your style isnt a huge rock that blinds passersby. So I've put some great artists up today for you to discover and enjoy. Happy Friday!!


Etsy Tuesday: One Stone New York

One Stone New York creates gorgeous pieces of jewelry using faceted gems, gold and silver. I've recently become obsessed with watching Jewelry Television at my mom's apartment (is that totally a grandma thing or what?) and seeing faceted gemstones sell for so little is quite exciting. I found OSNY through Etsy and fell in love with Shane's crisp, modern take on jewelry. I especially love the way the artist uses a stone's shape to create an organic style. I got to ask OSNY a few questions, so here we go!

What is your trademark style for jewelry making?

I look for unique gemstones that have unusual & interesting colors, markings & cuts. These qualities add character and individuality to each and every piece I make.
I see my trademark style on Etsy as quality metalwork, showcasing beautiful stones in subtle and elegant settings.
Why do you sell on Etsy?

I really enjoy meeting people from all over the world. Etsy is an inspiring place that motivates me to create more & share more.

Where does your inspiration for your designs come from?

Lots of my designs come organically from the material I have in front of me. I am a collector and I draw my inspiration from the objects I surround myself with.

You can purchase One Stone New York's fantastic pieces here, and visit the blog right here. Thank you and great work!


Travel: Vintage Polaroids

As I was browsing through some articles on Etsy's main page, I ran across a Vintage section story that had some old polaroid's from a couples trip to Europe in 1969 (see the photos and read the article here). The photos were so old and touching, I had to see more. They were taken from a set from tagurity on Flickr. Looking through each photo was a mini vacation to the past and I wanted to share a few with you! The couple went to France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands-all of their photos were found at a thrift store by tagurity--how cool!! I love looking at vintage photos, but these are truly gems. Enjoy!


Etsy Tuesday: Anne Kiel

Todays post is from uber-talented Anne Kiel. Her jewelry is simple yet stunning, using gemstones, gold and silver, often with organic shapes. I was fortunate enough to ask her a couple questions about her work!

When did you want to create jewelry and how did it happen?

I started creating beaded jewelry as a hobby about 5 years ago. It's really therapeutic and I still love to bead pieces in my spare time. A few years back I got a job with a jewelry designer who inspired me to take a metalsmithing class. I took a class on how to use an acetylene torch and then picked everything else up on my own through books and experimentation:)

Why do you use etsy to sell your designs?
Etsy is awesome! I sell via Etsy because it's the largest independent designer marketplace on the web and yet it has a small, welcoming, community feel.

If you could design your dream piece of jewelry, what would it be? or, do you have a favorite in your shop right now?

I do frequently meditate about designs and then try to recreate them. I did that with the lotus related items on my site...I guess, I would love to work with unexpected materials and create something eco-fabulous :)

You can find her gorgeous designs here and visit her website here. Happy tuesday!