Blog Power

My final research paper for my "Work of Art" class is going to be about the explosion of blogging and how internet media is a form of art and artistic expression, as well as a space for artists to meet, show their work and form communities.  The blogs and websites I have chosen to do some in-depth digging around in are...(this is definitely not a full list and I have to keep the list under control otherwise I will get off topic QUICK...there are SO many blogs out there!)

Design*Sponge–how could I NOT?
Wear Palettes
The Sartorialist

I think I just want to show how blogging and artist websites bring people together from around the world to share and celebrate art (and the WORK of art).  These websites offer "gallery" space that an artist may not have in reality.  I'm going to try and get a few questions in to Grace or her team at d*s to try and get their side of the story.

Other than that...this evening I'm taking a train to stay with a friend for the weekend, it'll be nice to get away from work and school for a few days.  Until next time!


Spring time

Today was in the mid 70s and BEAUTIFUL in Portland.  I actually got a little sunburned, which is a rarity!  It was the perfect opportunity to take my camera around to the farmers and saturday market, how exciting to see so many people with their sunglasses and tank tops!  It really felt like Hawaii, and made me excited for the summer, when I get to spend it with the friends I love.  I also upgraded my Flickr account to PRO and I'm also a little obsessed with their cool editing features that can make your pictures look super neat (I personally like the rounded corners and a 1970s photo finish).  Here are some pictures from a perfectly wonderful day.
and as always, you can see all of my pictures here!  Enjoy the weekend, I know I will.


I miss you

I want to sit on the sand and hear the waves.

don't panic

In a haze, a stormy haze, I'll be 'round I'll be lovin' you always...always.
Here I am and I'll take my time, here I am and I wait in line always...always.