Images of Fall

Fall in Portland is always gorgeous. The leaves in the Park Blocks have already turned red, gold and yellow, and many of them are losing their leaves (funny...its still not *that* cold yet). I managed to snap a few pictures before everything fell.

Does anyone notice that fallen leaves leave a "shadow" on the cement? Its like the cement takes pictures of the leaves...its very cool. I love just walking through the leaves when the sun is out...especially when a gust of wind sends down a glittering sea of leaves, its so pretty!

Anyway...Happy Halloween! Be safe, eat lots of candy, have a drink or two to celebrate (I'm throwing a party at my apartment, fun!) And last but not least, enjoy the fall before winter rears its head and makes you want to stay indoors all day long!

Photos: lauradeponte on Flickr (hey thats me!), evilkewpie on Flickr, vicenakina on Flickr, opiummuseum on Flickr


Printmaking Porn: Keep Calm Gallery

Keep Calm Gallery is based out of the UK and sells large posters with witty sayings that are a joy to look at. I found their website from D*S months ago and always go back to it to revel in it's simplicity. You can find them here and happy looking!

These "Get Lost" posters are printed on recycled maps of the UK. I love that they aren't perfect, with uneven impressions and crease marks from the map.

KCG also has reprinted 40 posters from the 1968 riots in Paris. The posters were made by students and artists who were against the Gaullist government.

If I ever find this print (I think it fell behind the fridge! eep!) its going up in my kitchen. I love love love it!

Ah, don't you feel better? I know I do. Happy weekend!

photos courtesy Keep Calm Gallery

Congrats Leanimal!

Yea, I know this post is coming a little late, but Portland is still on their Leanne Marshall high from her win on this season's Project Runway. She definitely was the quiet contender who had awesome skills and came out on top! Here are some of her looks from her final runway show...LOVES it!
Love the watercolor effect the skirt gives mixed with the structured top. Its so feminine and dreamy...*sigh*

This outfit is probably my favorite look from the collection. I love the tulip skirt with the tight but feminine top. The folds are executed perfectly-as Michael Kors would say "I mean the girl is like a flower!"

Gah I love her use of organic shapes and sustainable fabrics. This look above reminds me of a cross-section of the inside of a sea shell. I love the bustier part too. Granted, this look is quite daring, but its BRYANT PARK for goodness' sake. And she definitely worked it out!

This outfit just shows how amazing her construction of garments is. Those pleats are soft and create a really great silhouette. The top is a little flimsy but that contrasts well with the floatyness of the skirt. Plus her color selection for this show was pretty damn good.
Her final look: the wedding dress. I love this dress as a concept, and with a few minor changes this could be an amazing couture dress for a cool, indie fashionista. Of course she gets Chanel Iman to model it.Congrats Leanne! Portland is so very proud of you and you showed them how they do it up in PDX. We know you're moving to New York...but we will always consider you a true Portland girl!

(photos courtesy ProjectRungay via Getty Images)


Broke Student Budget Guide

Hey all you broke-ass college kids! I know youre just like me...you start out the week with a wad of money in your college bank account (no monthly fees heck yes!) and slowly but surely end up with next to nothing at week's end.

Okay, you won't end up like Mr. "I-Make-it-Rain", but you could be less broke.

What do you spend your hard-earned cash on? Well for me its very simple: coffee, groceries, clothes, and books. Since the first two are basically essential to my existence, I need to have them. The last two are basically on a selfish "I have to have this" basis. And when I say books I mean real books, like for reading, not for school. I'm an art major, I don't have time for $200 textbooks, but many people have to spend a fortune on them. So I'm here to give you a guide and some tips on how to end up with more money each week, and still maintain a level of sanity and be able to "splurge." Here we go!

Coffee: a college student essential.

theres nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning that wakes me up and prevents me from morphing into a raging biatch. (psh yea right, on most mornings I'm the one making non-fat, 8-pump, no foam lattes for the uptight business class of Downtown Portland)

Pro: I work at a coffee place, which means I get free drinks on the job.
Con: On my days off I tend to get more than one drink at a coffee shop, which means more money spent and more trash if I don't bring my own tumbler.

Invest in a coffee maker and make your own at home. I have a french press, which makes a great cup of coffee, plus you don't need filters! I also own a stovetop espresso maker which I have been using more lately. Just heat up some milk (kudos if you get a milk frother wand) and you have your own homemade latte for next to nothing! Get a coffee thermos or tumbler and you can bring your delicious latte to class and get discounted refills at most coffee places.

Groceries: How to shop the smart way and not get tricked into buying things you don't need
A college student must learn the ways of the grocery store in order to come out with the best deals and only the essentials.

Pro: Buying my own groceries is far cheaper than being on my school's meal plan, plus I get to cook and choose my own foods, which means healthier meals for me and my sister.

Con: I usually fall off track and buy things impulsively, or buy things that I end up throwing away later.

Tip: Make a list of essential items you need like milk, eggs, cereal, fruits and veggies. Stick to the list! Buy only what you know you can eat within a week or less. That means only a couple pieces of fruit, a few veggies, etc. Stock up on frozen meals if you want, buy grains in bulk (I recently got a large amount of oatmeal for $1!) Try to avoid buying take-out, host dinner parties and cook for your friends, bake your own sweets. Bring your own meals to work, its amazing how much money you save! If your city has a farmer's market, you can find fresh, seasonal produce that help out local farmers.

Clothes: A girl's gotta have them.

Okay, so my sister works at Forever 21 and I die (Rachel Zoe style) everytime I'm in there. Its cute-fashionable-cheap clothing MECCA. Its really hard not buying something when a shirt is only $7.50 and those cute earrings are ONLY $3.80. Wah!

Pro: Buying clothes cheap than department store and designer brands saves me a hell of a lotta money, plus I get to look cute all year round.

Con: Cheap=I Buy More=Broke. Its easy spending $1o0 there because I can get so much. Thats not a good thing, ladies.

Tip: Buy what you can afford and actually NEED. That part is hard, but if you're strapped for cash, don't blow it on a cute top, its NOT. WORTH. IT. Trust me. You can also donate used clothes to a donation center or used clothing shops, which will pay you cash for the clothes you bring in. Do your part and let others be fashionable!

Books: The death to all college students.

Okay, whoever thought that charging $200+ for a textbook that is used by everyone in the class is seriously the devil. Thank god I don't have to buy textbooks or I'd be in a coma, sobbing at how ridiculous prices are just for kids to read for 10 weeks. Its fraud, really.

Pro: Okay...I guess if you don't have the book you don't pass the class. Thats all I have for the Pro section.

Con: They are too effing expensive to buy at the school bookstore, and when you try to return them you get a fraction of what you paid for it. One time the store couldn't take my book back because a new edition was already out. I. Was. Pissed.

Tip: Try to find your books early. If your school posts up the books needed for classes early, find out what you REALLY need (you may just have to wait til you start classes). I use Amazon.com to find all my books-I once got an art history book for $4. Not even kidding. Whenever and wherever you can, buy USED. There is no harm in reading a cheaper, slightly used copy than spending an extra appendage for a glossy new one (you might be able to use those scribbled notes left by the previous user in the margins!) Plus used books are being recycled for the good of humanity.

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Hello Fall!

I know I haven't been posting. In between work (at 6 am...groan), school, a boyfriend, and squeezing in some sleep I haven't had time to blog, or photograph anything! Its awful. BUT, I have completed my first woodcut in printmaking and am quite liking wood (dare I say more than linoleum? We shall soon find out!).

Today I went to see Drive By Press in action at PNCA. DBP is a group that tours the country giving printmaking lectures and demos, all from the back of their car! They set up a cool printing press in their Honda Element, where people can buy shirts and have them hand printed, right then and there. Artist Joseph Velasquez does the woodcuts for DBP and are sooo cool. I want, I NEED a token from their appearance in Portland.
See? In the back of their car.
Laying the block down.And one more happy customer with a rad tshirt. I want that to be me tomorrow!

Woodcuts!! The pieces at their appearance are HUGE. My hand would be so sore after carving that out.

Velasquez's work. I love the novelty Mexican imagery...its quite cool

You can check out Drive By Press here, and more pictures (including the ones I posted) can be found here. Check out their website for their tour dates.

Anyway...the next project for my printmaking class will be about the 21st Century. I really am intrigued with the independently made prints in response to the riots in Paris in 1968. The prints are very graphic and make a statement, and I think that inspiration will translate well into modern day conflicts.

So as I take a whiff of my delicious butternut squash soup bubbling on the stove (yes thats right, my first time making soup from scratch! Thank you fall!), I bid a fond farewell until my next post. Til then, enjoy the colder weather and make some soup, carve some woodblocks and print your own stuff!