Me, a good friend from Hawaii and her roommate went out to the Oregon Coast this past weekend. The weather was very foggy, and then decided to clear up. This was both our first time going to the coast...and what an adventure it was! We had lunch at a friend's family's beach house, and it was SO well decorated. Take a look:

The mismatched chairs against that red counter were really sweet.

I love that blue shelf and the clock!

A little blurry, but very very cute

I wish I could take this cabinet home, and the silhouettes added a fun touch.

New pictures on my flickr account can be found here
Have a great Memorial Day Holiday!


Call for Help

Its all over the news. In Myanmar (Burma), Cyclone Nargis has killed thousands (if not over 100,000) people. Military and state officials have only now allowed aid to be given to the homeless, while they mourn the dead. It makes me furious to have to question why humanity can look onto its own and reject help when they lie dead at their feet.

A huge earthquake has hit China, leaving a "lost" generation of kids (many families in the region only had one child, in accordance with Chinese government). Shabby buildings have failed to protect and save lives, thousands have lost everything.

Reports have surfaced that in one month, over 120,000 children in famine-stricken areas of Africa will DIE. Droughts have eliminated crops that are critical to the survival of these areas. Read this article from CNN for more.

So, what are we going to do about it? Get educated, see the effects these natural disasters are having, and act. We are all human, lets get together, get angry, and give hope to those who have lost everything. Start a collection, donate, do whatever you can to help out. Save the money you would spend on that coffee in the morning, the loose change in your wallet, anything. Doing nothing is only avoiding the fact that there are massive problems occurring.

Visit these sites to donate and offer hope.

Red Cross
World Food Program
Free Rice



Here are some beautiful prints I have bought for the new apartment...I can't even remember if I have bought any more!

I bought this off of an awesome British website, Keep-Calm. This print is pretty large, and will definitely be hanging up in the kitchen!

This one I bought from seller laurageorge on Etsy, entitled "Gathering." It reminds me of a linocut I did for 2D design way back in fall term.

This one is entitled "Embedded" by Aili Schmeltz. This piece was purchased from 20x200, a GREAT site that makes artwork affordable. This print was only $20! I put it in a natural wood frame, and it looks great–can't wait to put it on my wall! This one definitely appeals to my love of planes of color, rocks, faceted things.


Spring...or Summer?

The weather here in Portland has gone from nice and cool in the mid 60s to 90 degrees and stifling HOT. Wow. It actually feels just like summers in Hawaii, which made me miss being on the beach and getting shave ice afterwards with friends. It feels like I have been away for so long (it'll be 6 months when I go back) and I guess I have. Next summer seems even more questionable. We have rented our apartment up through next summer til fall 09...so who knows if I will even go back. But anyway...I will be back soon and it'll be a great vacation for a while.

I have been buying a bunch of things for my new apartment...its SO much fun. After selling back some old clothes and going thrifting today with friends, I found a gorgeous area rug (the apartment only has hardwood floors, which means no vacuuming! yay!) I really love collecting little things (all necessary, of course) to piece together the "look" im going for: cool light blues and greens with simple patterns (if any), very "sunny."

In other words, school is keeping me busy, except it can't keep me outside when the weather is perfect! We should just have class in the park blocks, I bet it would be so much better than sitting inside wishing we were out. It feels like the end of the term can't come soon enough, my friends are all going back to Hawaii and I feel like I'm stuck here once again! Oh well...I will stick it out. Until next time..