Business card mock-ups!

My sister just asked me to help her out and design some business cards for her new wedding planning business. This is the first one (I have to go to sleep NOW otherwise work will be hellish, so there will be more to come...just not now!)

Before, After, and then Before again

I've started packing up all my stuff in my dorm room for the big move to my mom's new apartment a few blocks away. Seeing all my things in boxes is pretty sad, I had a great freshman year, and definitely had a kickass dorm room. The walls are all bare, my books are gone...its so...empty! I'm not really looking forward to the hauling boxes up and down all day, but once its done I'll be SO glad. I go home to Hawaii soon, and then its just a day at the beach after that! My arms are sore from helping my mom move in the past couple of days...yikes. I also have one final to study for, which I haven't made time for! Good thing I'm doing well in the class! So in honor of my freshman year at college, heres a few looks into what my room looked like BEFORE and AFTER our fabulous makeover!

Totally DRAB and space inefficient dorm room. We literally ripped those curtains off!

Another view of the dorm BEFORE...how boring!


The rugs, lighting, sheets and fabric panels are all from Ikea...we basically had an Ikea freakout!

The view from the window. I LOVE how the fabric panels covered up the closet and brought some life to the wallspace

The view of my bed. I made my own pillowcases using Amy Butler fabric! I also love my little orange owl that watches over me as I slack off and read D*S!


Stationery cont.

Possibly my favorite Portland letterpress shop, Egg Press never ceases to make me squeal with delight at their beautiful cards and products. I love their bold, graphic style and can always tell their products from other stationery when I buy cards for friends and family.
*images taken from the Egg Press website...buy their stuff online, you won't be disappointed!

Stationery continued

Oblation Papers & Press is a Portland shop that sells high-end stationery and local letterpress products. They hand-make their papers with scraps from garment-industry waste and use old-fashioned pressing techniques to make some amazing cards!The wedding invitations are gorgeous! The torn paper edges give it personality
The storefront in the Pearl District of Portland

Hand made paper!

*all images taken from the Oblation Papers & Press website


A few weeks ago, Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge reported from all the AMAZING talent at the National Stationery Show. Now, I absolutely love stationery, there is something about writing a letter that a phone call, text or email simply cannot do. I also have a passion for printmaking and a huge urge to learn letterpressing (good thing PSU and the IPRC offers letterpress classes!). So I've picked out some of favorites from her posts and will add a few of my own from good ol' Portland...I don't ever get tired of seeing cute cards and its really great knowing that people still write letters and send cards! Okay here we go!

Ilee Press has some amazing cards and calenders in cute, bold floral prints and delicate letterpress designs. Visit their Etsy shop to purchase their beautiful stationery! Their calligraphy and graphic styles remind me of Portland artist Carson Ellis...I love hand-done calligraphy.
The image above courtesy of D*S

Images from Ilee Press


All about Patterns!

Todays post is inspired by the cool patterns found on fabric in the June/July 2008 issue of Domino Magazine. The trend right now seems to be bold colors with bold geometric shapes, and a strong use of a color on white. Lets see shall we?
If anyone knows me...they know I might be obsessed with facets and geometric shapes like the fabric above. I love it!

The fabrics above can be found at Repro Depot–a great source for vintage and designer fabrics

I just found out what Ikat fabric looks like...its very very cute.

This fabric is from Wakerly, which specializes in GORGEOUS fabrics and wallpapers