Los Angeles...

Hey everyone, I'm the worst blogger in the world. Basically after I got back from Los Angeles I was swept back up into school. Final exams are next week and I'm trying to finish everything (including that dreaded art history paper that I have yet to start). While I'm away and thinking of new and exciting posts to share, take a look at some photos from L.A. We stayed in Venice Beach, went to Disneyland (everything is so much smaller! guess thats what happens when I haven't been there since I was five), and drove around the crazy L.A freeways. Soon I'll be gathering great gift ideas for my Holiday Gift Guide, but for now this will have to do. Until next time...
My sister Tara of Pacific Bride Guide, and Me, trying to look cool

Venice at sunset

The super tall palm trees...I'm missing the warmth right now!

Check out the rest of the photos here. Have a great day!

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Munted kowhai said...

i love that photo of the palm tree, mmm warmth!