Earth Friendly: Envirosax

I can remember seeing my first Envirosax during my second trip to New Zealand and thinking how cool a reusable all-purpose bag could be especially in the fun and funky prints they offered. Now I spot Envirosax all over, which asserts their power in the eco-friendly trend that has (hopefully) swept (clean) the globe. I just wanted to share their awesome totes that can save all those plastic bags used at grocery stores, which REALLY add up quick! They even have an organics line that boasts bamboo, linen and hemp bags, all in summer-worthy shades and prints. Envirosax are also available in themed packs of 5 (store them in the car! you never have to worry about forgetting them again), I personally love the Retro and Mikado (as seen above).

Top: I adore the circle design with the yellow and grays, I would never think of it as a grocery bag!

Bottom: LOVE the organic bamboo bag with the circle design, so dainty and fresh.

Its great to see a company that is leading the pack in our global awareness. Even if you don't use an Envirosax, using a durable, long-lasting bag for groceries and shopping can save plastic and even trips to and from the car (Envirosax bags can carry twice the amount of one normal sized plastic grocery bag), so ask your cashier to save the plastic and load up your bag–even a small difference is a difference!

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SC said...

Hi Laura, yes the push toward reusable grocery bags is a strong and much needed one. Another company driving the charge is TuckerBags - they have a stylish range of bags, super strong, and tuck back into a convenient storage pouch. These bags are fun for shopping but also for travelling and a day out. If you go to Bangalla.com then an additional 5% coupon discount is on offer on these bags.