Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey guys, so yesterday it was me and my twin sister's birthdays! I am officially not a teenager anymore...and its quite nice to be honest. Now I dont have to sheepishly tell a coworker that I can't go out with them because I'm "only 19" when most people think I'm around 22. But alas, I still have one more year of waiting before that magical number 21 is mine. Yesterday was quite exciting, I got money (which I desperately needed! thank you grandma/grandpa/mom/dad!), a sweet crossword book (I love love love crosswords, especially on my work breaks), a book, season four of The Office and a might large gift card to Victoria's Secret (um, guess who got me that one? haha). We ate tons of sushi, cake and sat around laughing just like I wanted to. Not too big, not too little, but just right.

This next week will be super busy as the school term is winding down and I have a million art projects to do and an art show this coming weekend! Ah. It never stops. But thats the beauty of it I guess. I'm going to sit and watch the office today and try to pre-post some stuff up for this week so I'm not lagging like this past one. Til monday!

picture from room 4 dessert

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday!!

camwes (BB)