Hello Fall!

I know I haven't been posting. In between work (at 6 am...groan), school, a boyfriend, and squeezing in some sleep I haven't had time to blog, or photograph anything! Its awful. BUT, I have completed my first woodcut in printmaking and am quite liking wood (dare I say more than linoleum? We shall soon find out!).

Today I went to see Drive By Press in action at PNCA. DBP is a group that tours the country giving printmaking lectures and demos, all from the back of their car! They set up a cool printing press in their Honda Element, where people can buy shirts and have them hand printed, right then and there. Artist Joseph Velasquez does the woodcuts for DBP and are sooo cool. I want, I NEED a token from their appearance in Portland.
See? In the back of their car.
Laying the block down.And one more happy customer with a rad tshirt. I want that to be me tomorrow!

Woodcuts!! The pieces at their appearance are HUGE. My hand would be so sore after carving that out.

Velasquez's work. I love the novelty Mexican imagery...its quite cool

You can check out Drive By Press here, and more pictures (including the ones I posted) can be found here. Check out their website for their tour dates.

Anyway...the next project for my printmaking class will be about the 21st Century. I really am intrigued with the independently made prints in response to the riots in Paris in 1968. The prints are very graphic and make a statement, and I think that inspiration will translate well into modern day conflicts.

So as I take a whiff of my delicious butternut squash soup bubbling on the stove (yes thats right, my first time making soup from scratch! Thank you fall!), I bid a fond farewell until my next post. Til then, enjoy the colder weather and make some soup, carve some woodblocks and print your own stuff!

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Rachel B. said...

like your pics. love your creativity. :-)