Images of Fall

Fall in Portland is always gorgeous. The leaves in the Park Blocks have already turned red, gold and yellow, and many of them are losing their leaves (funny...its still not *that* cold yet). I managed to snap a few pictures before everything fell.

Does anyone notice that fallen leaves leave a "shadow" on the cement? Its like the cement takes pictures of the leaves...its very cool. I love just walking through the leaves when the sun is out...especially when a gust of wind sends down a glittering sea of leaves, its so pretty!

Anyway...Happy Halloween! Be safe, eat lots of candy, have a drink or two to celebrate (I'm throwing a party at my apartment, fun!) And last but not least, enjoy the fall before winter rears its head and makes you want to stay indoors all day long!

Photos: lauradeponte on Flickr (hey thats me!), evilkewpie on Flickr, vicenakina on Flickr, opiummuseum on Flickr

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Anonymous said...

Stunning baby girl! The third photo down (whole tree, red leaves) is award winning!

camwes (beauty buzz).. Cama