Congrats Leanimal!

Yea, I know this post is coming a little late, but Portland is still on their Leanne Marshall high from her win on this season's Project Runway. She definitely was the quiet contender who had awesome skills and came out on top! Here are some of her looks from her final runway show...LOVES it!
Love the watercolor effect the skirt gives mixed with the structured top. Its so feminine and dreamy...*sigh*

This outfit is probably my favorite look from the collection. I love the tulip skirt with the tight but feminine top. The folds are executed perfectly-as Michael Kors would say "I mean the girl is like a flower!"

Gah I love her use of organic shapes and sustainable fabrics. This look above reminds me of a cross-section of the inside of a sea shell. I love the bustier part too. Granted, this look is quite daring, but its BRYANT PARK for goodness' sake. And she definitely worked it out!

This outfit just shows how amazing her construction of garments is. Those pleats are soft and create a really great silhouette. The top is a little flimsy but that contrasts well with the floatyness of the skirt. Plus her color selection for this show was pretty damn good.
Her final look: the wedding dress. I love this dress as a concept, and with a few minor changes this could be an amazing couture dress for a cool, indie fashionista. Of course she gets Chanel Iman to model it.Congrats Leanne! Portland is so very proud of you and you showed them how they do it up in PDX. We know you're moving to New York...but we will always consider you a true Portland girl!

(photos courtesy ProjectRungay via Getty Images)

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