Rainy Days...again

The rainy season in Portland officially started on Halloween. All of a sudden its dark at 4:30 pm, the sky is a dull shade of gray and your'e finding yourself blowing hot air into your frozen hands. This is not a one-time bad-weather deal, this is Fall-Winter-Spring in Portland. Oh boy. I was just enjoying skipping around in the cool air watching the leaves fall, and now my face is permanently stuck to the pavement making sure I don't slip on a slimy, mushy leaf. Oh well, for now I've found some rainy weather items that'll brighten your day!

The best part about a fall and winter wardrobe are the COATS. Oh, I could go on forever about how much I love coats and outwear. They just make everyone look polished and cozy. Forget about lame college sweatshirts and baggy sweatpants, wear a cute coat and your whole vibe is changed. Forever21 is a cheap clothes fashionista's MECCA for coats and all things cute.

The top coat is edgy and fitted, I love the diagonal zipper. Its indie meets cool sophistication. The bottom reminds me of an Italian screen siren with red lipstick walking around Italy and drinking cappuccinos. And these coats are all under $50! Browse Forever21's enormous selection here.

Spotted on NotCot, these super cute umbrellas from Umbrella Society are sure to make you pop out in crowd of black and gray umbrellas (ellas, ellas!) Buy one, buy them all, they are so cute and hard to resist. I'm in love with the rose umbrella, I can totally see a cute girl in Paris looking adorable walking around the Lourve gardens (okay getting carried away here...).

Rainboots can totally make a cute fall outfit cuter. I'm loving these powder blue pair from Target. They have a great (and large!) selection of cute rainboots and most are only $25! They definitely keep your feet dry and look cute with leggings or with dark jeans tucked in. The herringbone pair are super sophisticated and will look great with any outfit. Also, if I had $2-300 to throw around, I would buy a nice pair of leather flat riding boots. Ah.

Last but not least, warm up with a hot chocolate! Starbucks has just rolled out their holiday drinks! Up on the menu: Gingersnap Latte, Peppermint Mocha Twist (FYI you can get peppermint mochas all year round!), Pumpkin Spice Latte, Eggnog, Caramel Apple Cider, Signature Hot Chocolates (I highly reccomend the Salted Caramel, it's SO GOOD.).

So theres my little warmth for you during the cold days! Stay tuned for my holiday gift guides for all price ranges! Stay warm!

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