For my own sake

Congrats first off to Barack Obama! Last night was a moment to remember...I hope I will be able to tell my kids about this amazing time in the history of America when we put aside our differences and elect the first African-American President. It shows that we have come a long way, and we still have strides to make but this was an enormous step. I was thinking how proud generations of African-Americans must be, it was quite an emotional night. The election also showed how strong Americans are and willing we are to take back our government. And like my sister said, our image has completely transformed in the eyes of the rest of the world (so glad! for a minute there I thought the entire world hated us...yikes).

Who else is so excited about the new First Family? Hes so in love with Michelle, and I think the rest of America is too, shes beautiful and graceful. Work it, Michelle! His daughters are precious also. Ah they are such a cute family I can't stand it!

Alright, moving on. I finished my 2nd print in my printmaking class, I just need to run them with colors. Super excited about it, it turned out exactly how I wanted. Stay tuned for pics! But for my third project (which has no guidelines, but is a reduction print), I'm having a bit of trouble getting inspired. I have a few ideas...but still not an "a-ha!" moment. Right now im leaning towards a very minimalist portrait of a bird...sparse and simple. The way I like it! In fact, this exact print gave me the idea:

I also really want to start taking this printmaking thing seriously. I really need to brainstorm and map out what I want to do with it otherwise I'll be doing school projects forever and not do anything truly of my own. Yea...so...heres to motivation!

photos from: onedroprule.org, cpluv.com, laurabeach.net

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