Valentine's Gift Guide part III

Today's post is our last section in the Valentine's Gift Guide! This time its for the men. What do you buy guys for the big day? Most women are clueless as to what their bfs or husbands would like (maybe because they've been more excited about what they're going to receive!). But whatever you get him will be special because you thought about him and thats all that counts. I found some cute things on Etsy that can cater to almost any type of man. The Nerdy/Geeky type, the Cool/Hip type and the Typical Guy. Most items on Etsy are for women and men that love indie coolness, but don't fret! Theres tons of stuff out there to suit your dude.

Remember the mustache craze? Everyone and everything had a mustache, so here it is to put right on your wall! The mustache key rack by Suddenly, It's Real! will garner laughs.

You can create custom beverage holders, business card holders and coasters for your man. Now you won't have to cringe everytime he takes a 6 pack somewhere. These also make great gifts if you want to surprise him with fancy brews. Custom wood holders by Roberto Sand.

For the cool guy, why not buy him a hand printed tee? Theres a huge assortment out there, but this one comes from Vital Industries.

For a great gift, get him a screenprinted tie! I bought my valentine a super cute tie (the one below), from Cyberoptix Tie Lab, who prints amazing silk and microfiber ties.

And, if all else fails, you can create your own "coupons" for...well...whatever your heart desires! These are by Elle's Studio

So thats it, hope you enjoyed our round-up of great Valentine's gifts. You can find part I (cards) here, and part II (for her) here. Enjoy!


gia said...

Your guides are amazing. You have very good taste. I'm glad I stumbled upon your site. :)

Laura said...

aw thanks! I'm just really obsessed with Etsy, so I have to do something with it all :)

tara said...

Just remember who told you about the laser-cut beer pack :)