Etsy Tuesday: Byrd and Belle

Byrd and Belle is a fantastic shop run by Angie Davis that features beautifully designed cases for your electronic gadgets. Angie uses thick felt and a modern simplicity to create sleek laptop cases, ipod sleeves and little works of art. Her items are gorgeously photographed and I am pining for a felt laptop sleeve-just look at that detailing! It is great to use something handmade in this electronic world of ours, and Byrd and Belle is the perfect choice!

I was able to ask Angie some questions about her creative process:

Why did you decide to create items for laptops/electronics? Do you see a need for handmade items in the electronic world?

I started making the sleeves for laptops and gadgets because they are interesting problems to tackle. They need to be highly functional and are required to be built with very close attention to specifications of the gadgets they hold. That type of work suits me. We are a fairly tech savvy household with an appreciation for all things Apple so it was inevitable that I would focus on Macbooks, iphones and ipods.

What is your inspiration/design aesthetic?

My background is in architecture and people tell me it shows in my work. I like to design using simple and functional details and fairly uncomplicated materials. In the case of the sleeves, they end up feeling very modern which is well-suited for the gadgetry they hold.

Whats your next project for the shop?

Laptop bags that have handles and shoulder straps and a new series of handbags. I've spent a lot of time this summer working on prototypes and they should be up in the shop in mid-August. Fall will also bring a new series of modern Christmas ornaments which was how Byrd & Belle got started.

Thank you, Angie!

You can purchase her items here and visit her other shop that features old maps made into coasters right here. Great work!

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