Friday Faves: Children's Toys

handmade wooden animals, Happy Squash Toys; socktopus, Friends of Socktopus; doll, Simpli Jessi; momma and baby monster, Danger Crafts

The children's section on Etsy is huge and is built on the love of many artists and crafters. Toys, blankets, clothes and everything in between-each handmade item is worth much more than that plastic toy you bought at Toys 'R' Us. Trust me. The toy section is definitely my favorite; handmade wooden toys, hand-sewn dolls and teddy bears-oh my! Here is a selection of a few toys that stand out from the crowd. The next time you go to a child's birthday party or are wanting a new toy for one of your own, give Etsy a try and you could find something he or she will cherish for years.


Paige Appel said...

love those, thanks for sharing. I wanna cuddle up with one now.

Laura said...

I know, right? I want to buy some dolls for myself since they're so adorable!