Etsy Tuesday: Scabby Robot

I spotted the great shop of Scabby Robot (isn't that a great name?) during a search for back to school items on Etsy. Jill from San Francisco is behind the brand and creates awesome bags from mixed textiles and leathers. I really love the organic, truly handmade feel that her bags show; her bags can be worn shopping in the city and slinging art supplies to school.

I was able to get a little insight into Jill's brain about her work and products, here we go!

Where do you find the materials you work with?

Whenever possible, I buy local, but I buy materials in a variety of places. I'm excited by the cast-off hides, the random scraps, and love to get my hands on vintage pieces. Irregularities in color or finish that are seen as negative for mass manufacturing, I see as gems to be highlighted in my small run pieces.

How do you go from inspiration to final product? Where have you found inspiration?
I'm most inspired by the materials I collect. Sometimes I'll start a project with a sketch, but there's nothing like having material in hand. I feel like I'm having a conversation with each piece of leather by folding and draping, clipping and sewing.

Whats coming up next for your shop?
Coming soon is the official Scabby Robot online store. I've been working on a stand alone online shop to sell my small run items. The etsy shop is great for all of my experiments, but the new shop will be crisp and uncluttered. I can't wait to finish it!

Thanks, Jill! You can shop her bags here and visit her blog here. Happy Tuesday!


Scabby Robot said...

Thanks Laura, this was fun!

Laura said...

no thank you! I love your work and it must be shared :)