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As the weather in Portland continues to confuse me (sun one minute, snow the next! what gives PDX?)  I can always fall back on the amazing talents of Design*Sponge to make me feel good, no matter how gray it is outside.  The folks over at d*s always pick out the coolest design/decorating products in the latest trends–I'm always browsing the "before and after" shots of home restorations and sorting through "mini-trends" (did I mention that purple is hot right now?)  This website motivates me to seek out tiny but inspirational companies and open up shop myself!  Here are some little things I've picked out as my favorites from d*s.

d*s has a great DIY section, but these inside-out security envelopes are SO cool!
A comment left also pointed me in the direction of Joseph King, who is collecting security
 envelopes from around the world.  The patterns that result are awesome!  

d*s also has sneak peeks into beautifully designed homes and offices...heres a sample!

Another great section of the site is devoted to Student Design.  It is truly inspiring and motivating to see people only a few years older than me creating unique products and pieces.  
 A big thank you to Design*Sponge for inspiring me with your finds!  In a way I wish I could be working for them. How cool would that be?  So if anyone reads this, definitely check out their blog and hopefully you'll find it as cool as I do.

*for more inspirational, art and design-centered blogs/webpages, check out my "artists designers inspiration" column to the right of this post!

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