Sometimes I can't believe how inefficient things can get at school.  Just to print out ONE colored piece of paper from the computer lab, I have to:

1. Fill out a form from a computer in the lab
2. print it out
3. go down to the first floor
4. BUY $0.25 worth of PRINT CREDITS!! I can't just give them a quarter right then and there!
5. go back upstairs
6. show someone totally incapable of understanding me my CLASS SCHEDULE (why?? if i'm paying for this do you really need to know that i'm an art student?! what does it matter??!)
7. print out my picture
8. sign off on how many "credits" I used

and to top this all off, all of the pictures I printed out turned out totally unusable because of the shitty PRINTING job!  And this old man had the nerve to say it was my PICTURE that made it look like that, NOT the printer. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  

I just cannot understand why it takes so many steps to print out a piece of colored paper.  Shitty colored paper at that. Now I have to go back and reprint it, to see if the shitty printer won't make my picture shitty.  Why not just make the printer free for plain colored paper?  I'd pay for a glossy, photo-quality piece of paper, but not just plain, shitty color.  So. effing. ridiculous.  I want my dollar back!

the best part was when I was purchasing my print credits, the guy behind the counter said "isn't this a ridiculous bureaucracy when we have to come down here to pay for paper? Effing ridiculous is the term that first comes to mind."  You got that right!

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