Spring Showers

It is the official beginning of Spring here in beautiful Portland.  The ground is bursting with daffodils and a frenzy of flowers.  The trees are springing up pink clouds all over the streets–I need to get out and take some pictures, I cannot miss this glorious time of the year!  Along with the gorgeous colors appearing, the skies have definitely clouded over and it rains about every day.  I wish it was still sunny so I could stop and enjoy the flowers...but thats how it goes I guess.  I will make it a goal to take pictures outside during my Spring Break.  

Also...I want to get a tattoo.  I'm pretty sure I know what I want–its something I always try to live by and follow...more details to come.  I hope it can happen!  I get paid friday...haha. 

Work is making me realize how little sleep I will be getting next term.  I wake up at 3:30am for a 4:15 shift, and I end up taking multiple naps when I get back, which leaves me groggy and out of focus for the rest of the day.  I hope I get into the sleep routine, because I hate feeling out of the loop during school.  

Okay...new pictures to come as soon as I can get outside!  

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