Eco Friendly: Coffee Cups/Cozies

Theres snow almost a foot thick on the ground (!!) and this has just got me thinking about warmth and warm drinks! I could go for a nice hot chocolate right now...yum. So this got me thinking about coffee and paper cups.

I always try to drink all my coffee at work, which means I use ceramic mugs and glasses instead of using a paper or plastic cup each time I go on a break. I've also invested in a great aluminum water bottle from Ethos Water and a really cute coffee tumbler from Starbucks. I was thinking, what else is there out there that will help others in creating good coffee-drinking habits? Well I've found some really cute things to help you save paper and minimize waste during your coffee/tea trips.Of course I have to put this one up. The I Am Not a Paper Cup porcelain mug is a fantastic option for those who would rather like the look of a paper cup, without the paper!

How hilarious are these coffee mugs? Let them all know which side you represent with mugs from Urban Soule.

Ever get tired of cold french press coffee right after you make it? (Me! I do!) Heres a super cute faux bois cozy for your french press from pinkdixie.
Etsy store second chance store uses old sweaters to create great coffee sleeves. They look so comfy and cute! She also makes great sweaters for your thermos. Great idea and itll give personality to any coffee cup. Shop here for these great finds.

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Green Designs by Lisa said...

Great coffee products! I go thru tons of coffee myself and just couldn't stand to throw awat the pretty bags so I make purses out of them :-) Check out my Etsy shop at greendesignsbylisa.com