Goodbye, 2008

Sorry there wasn't a Etsy Tuesday post yesterday, I was quite sick and just didnt have the energy to browse etsy. BUT I did receive the perfume oil I bought from FlameWorks today. I got the "Flowerbomb" scent. For $5 this is a GREAT knockoff of that $100 Viktor and Rolf perfume...wow. It'll also last me forever! Purchase their great vegan bath and body products here.

As 2008 comes to a close, I just want to say how wonderful this year has been...I found a great person to share my time with and who I can really be my crazy, grandma self with (probably because hes the male equivalent of me...a grandpa if you will), I realized what a great city Portland is (I'm not sure when I'll go back to Hawaii), I welcomed my mom as she made the move from Hawaii to Portland, and have made great friends at work and in school. This year has flown (literally!) by so quickly, its almost strange to have to welcome a new one. However, with 2009 and the upcoming inauguration, lets hope we can get out of this economic slump sooner than later and bring a more positive attitude to the future of our country and world. Please stay safe tonight, and have a wonderful New Year.

photo courtesy Flickr

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