Lecture Notes: Daniel Bozhkov

Artist Daniel Bozhkov, born in Bulgaria, uses his art as a means of social connection and incorporates everyday images of Walmart and icon Larry King.

His lecture was quite varied, he showed images and video of himself painting a fresco in the layaway department at a Walmart:
And creating a huge "crop sign" of Larry King:
Perhaps my favorite image he showed us was a still frame from a 15 second commercial he aired in Turkey:
Everytime I see this I crack up. Its Darth Vader cleaning the Black Sea with a Brita water filter. OH MAN.

Daniel has been producing tons of work over his career, many of which involve community. Another great project was creating the fragrance of Ernest Hemingway-which he made into a real fragrance- Eau D'Ernest.
In many ways, hes brilliant. Great work!

photos courtesy Flickr and Andrew Kreps Gallery

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