Lecture Notes

Every monday night, PSU hosts a free artist lecture to the public. They are always packed with art students, and its always an interesting night. This week's lecture came from techno-savvy (and perhaps low-tech savvy) duo Lucky Dragons. This pair creates music using a cord that creates a human current, which audience members use to create their own sound. Members Sara and Luke try to break down the authority of being a "band" and instead invite their audience members to become their own band.

Lucky Dragons also created the Sumi Ink Club, in which meetings consist of random people drawing on one huge piece of paper, which is later auctioned or sold, or just left behind for others to enjoy and contemplate. The lecture was slightly chaotic but also a good look inside their quirky lives and work. You can find out about the Sumi Ink club here, and visit their insane website here.

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