New Developments

Hey there everyone, sorry for being so lazy about posts this week, its the start of my third term of school and its going to be a busy one. Im taking 4 classes, working part-time and trying time to hang out with friends and have a life in between! I'm taking a painting class which im extremely hesitant about-theres something about it that I'm scared of, maybe because I love being a perfectionist about my artwork and painting seems so...well...permanent. It will be a learning experience to say the least. Drawing Concepts II is another class that seems to be interesting, I will be developing my own plan for a body of work that works around a central theme. I can't wait to start this, I want to develop my thoughts about mapping into a big multi-part project! The third class is Spanish and lastly an American Studies class. Theres nothing like a class that makes you write papers that makes me feel like a real college student with deadlines.

In the meantime, let me share with you a fantastic website that just launched TODAY: www.pacificweddingguide.com. My older sister Tara has been blogging about all things wedding related, and now her official website is up! If you or anyone you know is thinking about getting married in New Zealand or Hawaii (or perhaps a honeymoon!), you must check it out, its full of resources and great things to do in the Pacific. Some of my photos are also used on her site! Hopefully I'll have a friday faves this week- stay tuned!

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