Snack Time

Ah...today is over, school-wise. I can now catch up on all my homework that I've slowly let pile up and can breathe easier knowing tomorrow is ANOTHER friday (these weeks are flying by!!). I just made a pitcher of iced tea and threw in some chopped strawberries, so refreshing. Heres a little something I made up for a nice, light and healthy snack.

Broke Girl's "Granola" (Cereal) Parfait

few scoops of plain yogurt (I buy Mountain High plain yogurt in huge tubs)
cereal of your choice (I love Special K Vanilla Almond)
fruit of your choice, chopped. Good standbys are bananas, strawberries or mixed berries.

Layer yogurt, fruit and cereal (crushed up in your hands) in a bowl or glass, drizzle with honey. Its so satisfying and you didn't spend $3.50 for it somewhere else!

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