Right now I'm reading Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes. Yes, I'm probably the last person to read it (I've seen the movie a million times), but I can't help but find out the real story behind her acquiring an old villa in the hills of Tuscany and its renovation (how romantic is that?) That made me think that someday I will wind up on a dusty street in Italy, trying to figure out my way to a market or a cafe. My new posts for wednesdays will be travel based, to keep me wishing that someday I won't be doing the same old routine and be in a different world. So...first up is Tuscany.
Bramasole, the house that Frances Mayes bought and renovated.

It just looks like a painting, I can't believe places like this exist.

One day I'll end up in a little nooked town near the Mediterranean..

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chontel said...

i can't believe you haven't read it yet! especially considering your mom was the one who gave me the book. it's not really like the movie since the movie was a combined adaptation of the book and an old movie. but you'll love it just the same. when you're done, you have to read the rest of france's mayes books. and then we'll go to italy and see what all the fuss is about/move there!