Friday Faves

Okay, as many of you have noticed I'm currently obsessed with all things weddings. Wedding photography of all kinds, jewelry, dresses, you name it-I love it. Perhaps its because June is wedding month, perhaps its the nice weather, or just maybe its all the AMAZING new blogs and websites i've been finding that have sparked my new obsession. Don't read too deep into this-I'm far, far, far, FAR away from any sort of engagement/wedding/ack I can't think about it. I really just love looking into people's lives and seeing their own stories of love and commitment-and all the goodies that go into making a wedding!

I have found SO many crazy talented jewelry artists on Etsy that can create one of a kind pieces for your big day-I think having someone hand make your unique wedding or engagement ring is so much more personal than picking one out at a big chain jeweler. You can find the style thats perfect for you, especially if your style isnt a huge rock that blinds passersby. So I've put some great artists up today for you to discover and enjoy. Happy Friday!!

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