Etsy Tuesday: Anne Kiel

Todays post is from uber-talented Anne Kiel. Her jewelry is simple yet stunning, using gemstones, gold and silver, often with organic shapes. I was fortunate enough to ask her a couple questions about her work!

When did you want to create jewelry and how did it happen?

I started creating beaded jewelry as a hobby about 5 years ago. It's really therapeutic and I still love to bead pieces in my spare time. A few years back I got a job with a jewelry designer who inspired me to take a metalsmithing class. I took a class on how to use an acetylene torch and then picked everything else up on my own through books and experimentation:)

Why do you use etsy to sell your designs?
Etsy is awesome! I sell via Etsy because it's the largest independent designer marketplace on the web and yet it has a small, welcoming, community feel.

If you could design your dream piece of jewelry, what would it be? or, do you have a favorite in your shop right now?

I do frequently meditate about designs and then try to recreate them. I did that with the lotus related items on my site...I guess, I would love to work with unexpected materials and create something eco-fabulous :)

You can find her gorgeous designs here and visit her website here. Happy tuesday!

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