Etsy Tuesday: One Stone New York

One Stone New York creates gorgeous pieces of jewelry using faceted gems, gold and silver. I've recently become obsessed with watching Jewelry Television at my mom's apartment (is that totally a grandma thing or what?) and seeing faceted gemstones sell for so little is quite exciting. I found OSNY through Etsy and fell in love with Shane's crisp, modern take on jewelry. I especially love the way the artist uses a stone's shape to create an organic style. I got to ask OSNY a few questions, so here we go!

What is your trademark style for jewelry making?

I look for unique gemstones that have unusual & interesting colors, markings & cuts. These qualities add character and individuality to each and every piece I make.
I see my trademark style on Etsy as quality metalwork, showcasing beautiful stones in subtle and elegant settings.
Why do you sell on Etsy?

I really enjoy meeting people from all over the world. Etsy is an inspiring place that motivates me to create more & share more.

Where does your inspiration for your designs come from?

Lots of my designs come organically from the material I have in front of me. I am a collector and I draw my inspiration from the objects I surround myself with.

You can purchase One Stone New York's fantastic pieces here, and visit the blog right here. Thank you and great work!

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