Fashion Friday: Street Style

I know there are tons of people out there that just love what The Sartorialist has done to show the world how fashion is really worn: on the streets. I really enjoy browsing his and other street style photographer's pages to see what people young and old wear, and it really is quite a treat to see amazing style at all ages. Hopefully one day I'll actually figure out my own style and collect some nice pieces..but for now forever21 is treating me (and my wallet) very kindly! Here are some looks (including a very close friend of mine!) that caught my eye. Enjoy!

This is one of my best friends, Vicen. Hes a student at Parsons and has transformed into a literal piece of art-I love him! Especially jealous that he can put himself together so well and people photograph him for that!

A very "high" style from Chanel Iman. How crazy are those boots?!

photos from style sightings, lookbook.nu


Vicen said...

Love you too! ;)

dinosaur toes said...

Until I win the lottery and have the opportunity to fill my closet with Anthropoligie clothing, I'm happy with Forever 21!

Laura said...

yay vicen! also, anthropologie will always be slightly out of reach for me. I really love their home decor/kitchen section!