Uber Fashion!

This week was the start of the haute couture runway shows in magical Paris. I've been searching through the collections and they are a-ma-zing. Sparkly, out of control, totally ridiculous and makes me want to throw my sheets together into something fashiony...maybe not. Here are my faves! Have a lovely day you fashionistas!

Lady Gaga is that you?! Oh no, just a look from Gaultier. Theres something happening with the dramatic hip action thing. Beyonce, Gaga, Gaultier. Either way I'm liking it in a strange, fembot sorta way.

I really liked the entire Dior collection. It was very Dynasty meets Dior's New Look. All the models looked like total bitches who use cigarette holders and stomp around their boudoir and fling pearls and pantyhose. Loved it!

These three looks from Valentino capture the nude and black theme of the entire show. There were tons of really beautiful, wearable looks. That shoe is crazy! Ladies better be careful walking the streets of NY or Paris, the pigeons might think its a mating dance.

This dress from Gaultier is just so freaking hot I can't take it. I love that it transitions from silver to gold. HOT.

Oh Karl. You are ridiculous and may or may not be the father of Lady Gaga, but you are hilarious and create amazing clothes, so you're allowed the eccentricity. The girl is giving good face! Work it honey.To top it all of, Christian Lacroix gave us this final piece. A true Madonna come to life. Weird? Yes. Couture (and also batshit insane)?? Totally, utterly and completely. And thats why I love it.

images via Style.com

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