Fashion Friday: Summer Sun

I love seeing floral prints and color when it comes to summer. All the girls and boys are out having picnics in super cute frocks and sandals, and boys don light cotton tees and shorts with boaters. Its such a relief to not worry about boots and raincoats and freezing rain, but to just enjoy the perfect weather and sip lemonade and read a book during this season.

Here are some great summer pieces I've found online- you can always scour thrift stores or vintage clothing shops to find pretty cotton or linen printed dresses in retro styles or crazy jewelry to accent your outfit. Go all out in the summer because you never know when fall will come creeping up!

Flower Bib Necklace, $16.80, Forever21

Bib necklaces are definitely the trend for jewelry this season-huge clusters of metal flowers, fabric petals and chunky facets are all the rage. They have super cute bibs at Forever21 that wont break the bank!

Floral Scoop Dress, $68, Urban Outfitters

I just thought this dress was perfect for the east-coast gal who doesn't get to dance around in fields for the summer. Paired with sheer black stockings, go from work to after work drinks by switching your black flats for super high black heels.

Metal Studded Wrap Cuff, $19.99, Urban Outfitters

The perfect accessory for a breezy summer dress is chunky and bold jewelry. Think Nicole Richie with her piles of bangles and her summer dresses. Its all about the balance!

Tribal Print Maxi Dress, $24.80, Forever21

Next to florals, tribal prints are all the rage. This great maxi dress can be worn next to the pool and at a nighttime pool party! Just dress it up with earrings and some bangles to stand out.

Malini Shoe, $58.95, Chinese Laundry

I love me a gladiator sandal like the next girl, but in moderation. I see way too many gladiators looking like they're taking girls leg's prisoner! These cute jeweled sandals are great dressed up or down.

Spring Floral Strap Dress, $24.80, Forever21

This saccharine sweet frock reminds me of playing tea-time. A perfect dress for a wedding or equally fun party with the girls.

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