I think I've finally got a hold on school work.  I'm a total stranger to the Library, and yesterday made it clear that it isn't as hard as I think.  So...this weekend will be my one on one date with the library for my research purposes.  Kind of daunting, but it needs to be done.  I also finished my powerpoint (why do we still do these? am I 15?) for my Japanese Gardens presentation...OH and I'm really excited for all the projects i'm doing in color theory and drawing II.  I get to draw costumes for a Midsummer Night's Dream.  Is this not what I always wanted to do in class but the teacher wasn't cool enough? YES. So much fun.  And in drawing II im actually using my pens again and I keep forgetting how awesome they are.  Sorry charcoal.

I'm super jealous of a friend who went to see two fashion shows at NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.  Just kill me.  So. so. jealous.  

In other news, I really want a job, and I want to get all my stuff done.  The end.

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