Today in my mentor session there was a presentation about zines (we're going to be making zines in groups!)  So after seeing the many different types of zines and how I can do one and have it on a shelf in a store the next day, this zine thing seemed pretty cool.  I already own a couple zines–one is a vegetarian recipe book and the other a review of books.  Maybe I could start my own zine and sell it at Reading Frenzy and possibly make a few extra dollars.  Here are some cool resources for zine making!

and heres a lovely little video on how to make one!

It could be really cool to make a zine based on this blog or post some really good recipes (like the 3 and 4 ingredient cookbook! amazing stuff) because I really want to do some DIY stuff during spring break when I have the time for it. Enjoy!

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