Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers out there.  Love and be loved, but please do NOT buy anyone any of  these:

because nothing says "I Love you" like stale pink carnations with baby's breath and a predictable teddy bear that can only be truly relevant for ONE DAY.  Plus, what woman actually WANTS a stuffed animal these days?  Hello, this isn't kindergarten.  Women really want this stuff:

Okay, maybe I went too far on that last one.  What really matters isn't the fact that Valentine's Day is for cheesy card companies to make a profit or single people to drown their sorrows in a bottle of cheap wine and cry while watching Bridget Jones' Diary (as I might do tonight), its a reminder of our power to love and be loved by one another.  Friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, families...love is universal.  Who cares if you don't get a rose or a balloon or even a box of those terribly chalky candy hearts?  Go and celebrate the fact that you are loved at this moment, and that you can love others too.

The Moral (to take a quote from Hugh Grant, who I'm sad to say will not be my valentine):

Love actually, is all around.

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