So last night I was in my room talking to my neighbor when my phone rang.  It was my older sister back home in Hawaii, but I didn't answer it.  Luckily she called my sister and she picked it up because my sister CAME TO PORTLAND last night and surprised us!  Its really nice to see her and she rented a car (sweet!) and tomorrow we are all heading up to SEATTLE!!  I haven't been to sea-town since sophomore year and can't wait to revisit it again.  It's gonna be great getting out of Portland since spring break doesn't seem promising for much adventure.  

In other news, I got a job at a Starbucks several blocks from me!  My wish has come true!  I'll be working again, back to the bucks. (literally AND pun intended).  Now I just need to get my tax returns so I can get some outfits and shoes for work.  Hopefully this store will have some cool people and cool customers.  The store also doesn't serve oven-heated food! Hallelujah!!  No more 1st degree burns from molten sugar anymore :)  I'm hoping the transition back into the Starbucks world goes alright, so many standards and rules to get back into!  I'm also going to be doing mostly opening/morning shifts...so no more sleeping in for me! eep!  That means i'll have to be there at 4:15 AM. Oh. holy. jesus.  Oh well, at least that means I get a paycheck, TIPS, and free coffee.  My life is coming together!  I also have to be cautious of what classes I'll be taking (thank god I took so many credits this term! ).  I'm hoping this will all be good and I'll be able to handle it all.  

Pictures from Seattle will be coming up as soon as I get back to PDX.  Yay!

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