Seattle was lovely, the weather was PERFECT, not a cloud in the sky and it was bright, sunny and cool (see above).  We went to Pike's Place Market,  I took some pictures, we walked around, had some tea and crumpets. haha :)  It was fun.  But...I must say I do like Portland much better.  Less people, more DIY and granola.  Have I turned into a hippy?  Who knows, but not being around them sure makes me feel like one!  The drive was nice, long, deserted roads and then all of a sudden theres a tiny little town.  I think I'll only live in cities in America, the rest just doesn't seem very fun.  Its a little depressing actually.  Here are some pictures...the rest you can find on facebook and my
flickr site.  Enjoy :)

This is all you see...for 200 miles.

Yum, too bad I don't like seafood.

and I just thought this was funny...

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