I am learning about urban landscapes as well as perceived ones (last night's lecture from the Center for Land Use Interpretation was really cool.  check out their website for a database of interesting places around America)  and I've been noticing that there have been many instances of an image of a spiral that appear again and again.  Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty is the most common, but this image of a spiral has come up numerous times throughout the week.  Could it be a sign that all my hardwork could be paying off?  Today I received a call for a job interview on friday.  I couldn't be more happy–I have sent out 6 applications and heard from none until this afternoon.  AND its for Starbucks.  Is my life like a spiral?  Continuous and always connected?  It definitely doesn't seem to be linear at this point in time.  I just thought that was a cool symbol for life...
image courtesy hawaii.edu

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