Etsy Tuesday: Labyrinth Vintage

When I came across Labyrinth Vintage's felt flower necklace, I was instantly in love. Her handmade pieces incorporating vintage designs and fantastic craftsmanship are easy to adore. I love her innovative use of zippers and jewels-they take the statement necklace to a new level. I got to ask the artist a few questions about her work, here we go!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Personally, I'm interested in Arts and Fashion. Each day I will come across various pictures and books. My inspiration then has come from these. Normally I think I do have two different attitudes toward my works. Firstly, I will always try to bring something new, fashionable and fabulous with lots of details and can be viewed in various perspectives. Secondly, most of my works would also made from my great moments or feelings, like my happiness with my pets, animals, my collectibles, something funny that happened in my life and something I impressed etc.

Describe your process of creating a piece-inspiration, creation, etc.

After I have sketched my drawing, one of the important things I do is to choose the color and materials. Then after that I will do the first mould. This mould making process takes quite a long time. Some of my works took a month on this process.

Do you have a favorite jewelry designer?

I do like jewelry very much but do not have any favorite jewelry artist. I like fashion paper artist Vassilis Zidianakis.

You can find her great pieces right here.

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