Etsy Tuesday: Munted Kowhai

This week's featured seller is New Zealander-turned-Portlander Munted Kowhai. Her crocheted jewelry is stunning; intricate and fragile threads are paired with chains to create feminine pieces that are perfect for any outfit. We got to ask her a few questions, here we go!

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?

My inspirations come from the rare vintage buttons I find online and the intricate details of medival, victorian and edwardian costumes. I often take an aspect of the traditional detail and give it a modern spin.

Why do you like to crochet? where did you learn?

I love to crochet because I'm able to achieve high details and different tensions lends itself to different shapes. It is feminine and once you get the hang of it, it is soothingly repetitive. I learned as a child in primary school in New Zealand. It was part of a program where we rotated between cross stitch, crochet and something else I forgot!

Whats next for your shop?

I've just started on my next project which is chinese knotting! I'm making military inspired pieces using chinese knots.

Thanks, Tiff! You can find her designs here and visit her awesome blog right here.

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