Etsy Tuesday: Tickled Pink Knits

This week's featured seller is the hugely talented Elena from Tickled Pink Knits. A true craftsman, she hand knits each piece in her shop. Lush, buttery knit scarves and wraps are her specialty and each garment looks so cozy! I can see her pieces being a must-have for fall and winter-they are that beautiful! I was fortunate enough to have Elena answer some questions of mine, so here we go!

Why do you like knitting? (Relaxation? A challenge?)

Why do I love knitting? Let me count the ways. I love the way needles and yarn feel in my hands and to the touch. I love drifting away in thought as I knit. I love devising new designs and design details as I go along. I love being able to produce something tangible, functional, and beautiful as a result of blissful time spent with some of the most basic tools imaginable - two stick and a bit of soft string. I love knowing that what I make is worn and enjoyed by others.

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?

Inspiration comes in many forms, including architectural and organic shapes and lines, non-knit clothing elements, as well as yarn itself.

Do you have a cherished knit item?

It's a crocheted hat my Mom made for me when I was in my teens. It was beautiful, soft, and warm, and unlike any other.

Thanks, Elena! Please visit her shop and browse her seriously stunning work! You can also read an interview on Etsy right here. Happy Tuesday!


The Old Painted Cottage said...

I wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my "before & after" home make-over on Design*Sponge. There's many photos they didn't include, along with more info about our remodel. You can visit my blog to learn more at The Old Painted Cottage.

Jennifer Grey
The Old Painted Cottage

Laura said...

no, thank you! your home is such a beautiful place, im in love with that old, vintage feel.