Loving It: New York Fashion Week

So this week is New York Fashion Week's Spring 2010 runway shows. Kicking off the week with Fashion's Night Out, a night in which big-name fashion houses and stores stay open til almost midnight for a celebration of their craft, as well as a chance to get some badly-needed sales from fashion's elite and the common folk. How fun would it be to run around NYC and see endless celebs, fashion designers and socialites? I began to browse some shows on Style.com and thought i'd share a few pieces im in love with!

A number from Alexander Wang shows that the trend of the big shoulder is still hot, except this time he shows that volume can be achieved with light fabrics

Cynthia Rowley wanted to show the decay of fabrics and inks by blotting out her prints in her spring looks.

The show to be at this year was Project Runway winner and favorite fashionista Christian Siriano. His play with volume and ruffles is seriously amazing. His fabrics look like they were taken from satellite images of the Earth and Mars.

Ugh, I DIE! I smell Oscar dress...

Talon shoes? FIERCE!

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