Thirsty Thursday: Gimlets!

I want to introduce a new topic for my blog: drinks! I had an epiphany a couple weeks back-my day job dream is to become a bartender and rake in the dough. Or is that a night job? Well, whatever. I've been a barista for 3 years now and honestly make too little for my hard work. SO-im going to be sharing some drink recipes with you all (shh don't tell my mother im underage!) and in return memorize and learn about alcohols and the art of bartending.

Up first is a classic, incredibly simple and delicious drink that was recently made popular again by the book and now movie Julie and Julia. Julie Powell, famous for her food blog about cooking her way through Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, would spend her nights in the kitchen of her shabby Queens apartment sipping vodka gimlets with her husband as she cursed over the stove. I have become a fan of this drink-its sour and tangy and filled with alcohol-not too bad eh?

The original Gimlet is made with gin, and was said to be the drink of sailors as they tried to prevent scurvy while out on the sea. The recipe is simple:

3 oz. gin (or in my case vodka)
1 oz. Rose's brand Lime Juice

(you can fix this ratio to taste-some prefer it mostly alcohol with a touch of lime, but I like it on the lime-y side).

Stir or shake into a glass with ice and enjoy. See, wasn't that easy? Stay tuned for next week's Thirsty Thursday beverage!

photo via sippitysup

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